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Asbestos Removal

Environmental Clean and Removal of Double Skin Asbestos Cement Roof Cladding

Environmental Clean and Removal of Double Skin Asbestos Cement Roof Cladding

Rod Munro Limited have some 20 year’s experience in the safe removal of asbestos containing materials.

From the small scale removal of asbestos cement roof cladding to large scale removal of multiple types of asbestos containing materials from within industrial, commercial and education buildings Rod Munro Limited have the knowledge and experience to complete your asbestos removal project safely, in strict accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and HSE guidance.

We are fully insured for all types of asbestos removal work. All asbestos waste is safely transported in our sealed vehicles under our SEPA waste carriers licence and consignment note to licensed disposal site.

Copies of all certification and waste disposal notes are issued to our clients to ensure they have a fully auditable trail and to evidence the removal work has been completed professionally.

Rod Munro Limited also undertake decontamination and repair works where material has been accidentally damaged releasing asbestos.

We are also experienced the cleaning and repair of asbestos cement roofs and gutters and utilise specialist access equipment to allow safe access to the roof structures without causing damage.

Rod Munro Limited have a no-nonsense approach to asbestos removal, we offer value for money site specific solutions based on our years of experience and extensive training.