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Soil Decontamination

Asbestos contaminated soil prior to phase 2 removals

Asbestos contaminated soil prior to phase 2 removals

Soil contaminated with asbestos debris and be a major problem for developers, limiting or even stopping a site’s reuse.

Rod Munro Limited have extensive experience in providing value for money designed solutions to remove the asbestos and open a site ready for safe redevelopment without the need to remove mass quantities of soil to licensed landfill and pay excessive disposal costs.

Previously we have over picked asbestos debris, turning the soil over mechanically until virgin ground is reached. The exposed soils are then visually inspected by an independent UKAS accredited asbestos Analyst to ensure all visible debris has been removed. The Analyst also takes regular soil samples for laboratory analysis to ensure the soil is free of asbestos fibres which are not visible.

Where asbestos contamination is too great to allow over picking we can form underground asbestos cells, usually in an area of the site which isn’t going to be disturbed in the future such as below a proposed car park or roadway. We locate the contaminated soil, under very strict controlled conditions the soil is excavated, transported and placed in the cell before being completely covered with impermeable material. Again, we employ the services of a UKAS accredited asbestos Analyst to ensure our strict control measures are working effectively and to provide documented proof that the works have been completed to the agreed specification.

Rod Munro Limited are happy to liaise with the local authority Contaminated Land Officers, SEPA and the HSE to obtain the necessary authority and permissions to complete asbestos soil decontamination projects.